damn puppy!

It is funny how the human mind works.  every time i raise a puppy, i think- never again!  well no, but i do contemplate the houseproofing i will do before the NEXT puppy gets to the teething molars stage.  so here we are again, Pirate is now 8 months, and has entered her destructo phase.  everything not nailed down ends up in the dog yard.  currently she has only destroyed one pair of Dave’s glasses, but she has had a couple of good goes at the remote, the back cover of Dave’s phone is permanently not attached to the phone, we are down two pillows, and there are 3 dog blankets strewn around outside….  i caught her gnawing on the arm of the couch, and just now she was at the deck chair.

so many people think the baby stage is all the work!  baby teeth and puppy mouthing is nothing on this!  just when you think you are making progress, the puppy is house trained, basic obedience is well on it’s way, and there is actually a recall that mostly works, she can walk on a leash without making you look like an idiot…. destructo puppy emerges.  damn.  oh well, another month or so and this too shall pass.


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