waiting for puppies

sitting in the kitchen, with an uncomfortable Nano, waiting for puppies.  a good night’s sleep wouldn’t go amiss either!  any time now would be good…. i have a dinner date tonight!  we are all set and organized and now… waiting.  poor girl! Image


not so much about dogs

well it was a great day, FINALLY got out in the boat for a bit!  what with working at Doc’s, training group classes in the afternoon and then having a daycare till 4, it wasn’t a long boat trip, but we went.  Dave went out earlier and had a good run, shook some stuff loose and discovered a small leak, and then picked me up and we had a nice ride.  fireworks run on wednesday… with luck

busy days

Wow.  It’s amazing how much taking on one extra job has tired me out!  I am working at Doc Morgan’s Pub in the mornings as a prep cook, which is a bit of a blast as when I moved to Bowen I worked there as a cook for several years.  Many of the same people who where there then are back now, 12 years later.  It’s a bit strange.  Having to set an alarm and being on my feet for 3 extra hours a day is taking some getting used to.  Fun though.

Nano is definitely pregnant, and the funny change is in Shooter.  She has always had a lot of opinions, and is never shy about sharing them, but since Nano got pregnant she is crazy!  It’s the only thing I can come up with.  She is very growly and hates when the other dogs get in an uproar, much like Isa was when she was pregnant, although Isa never growled.  Nano does not have any real changes in personality, she is a bit clingy- it’s all Shooter.  If I didn’t know better I would think it was Shooter that was pregnant… Puppies are due sometime after August 14, very exciting.

why “best friends dog training”?

best friends dog training mission statement

To prevent and repair behaviour problems in pet dogs by teaching both dogs and people how to live together in the real world.  To use no pain or fear to adjust canine behaviour.  To provide feasible management techniques and training so that dogs with problems will remain in their homes.  To support dog owners and teach them the skills to have happy well-adjusted dogs.


Recently I was thinking about the name of my business and what exactly I meant when I called myself Best Friends dog training.  It just seemed so obvious to me when I did it, and I was astounded that no one else seemed to be using it!  So 10 years later I find myself thinking… hmmmm…

To me, best friends complement each other.  They support each other, understand each other.  Have goals and likes and desires in common.   Would rather hang out together than with almost anyone else. Love each other. They have each other’s back no matter what.  They have fun together. They are a team.

So in relation to a dog training business, what does this mean?  Isn’t this what we all want with our dog? To be a team?  To understand each other, and be happy together?  Not as owner and possession, but as family, friends- partners.  It seems to me that this is the goal, the ideal.  Lassie and Timmy, and all that.  Everyone knows Lassie… Of course, everyone also knows that Lassie isn’t real.  Hopefully.  For one, there were about 6 of her, and most of them were male.  But still!

I will go on about this more later, as i continue to work it out in my head.

here we go!

So this is my new blog site, and we will see.  I think I already like it better, even though I’m not quite sure what I’m doing here.  I am going to try to attach it to my website, which might be good, and apparently I can import all my old posts from Blogger, so that should effectively eat up the rest of my day!

update #1

Well, all the old posts from Blogger are now here, so that is a huge step in the right direction…. yay, onwards and upwards.

update #2

not so great. Apparently I cannot change the address of the blog to a sub-directory in my website, so it either has to take over my website or stay where it is… it stays at wordpress for now.  anyway, the whole thing is working pretty good, let me know what you think!




This is a topic much on my mind always, as I live with Norrbottenspets dogs, who are naturally, bred-to-be barking dogs. They bark when they hunt, while they play, at intruders, when they are happy… They like to bark. However, they are fairly easily trained to control themselves, and moderate the noise. Most dogs have more difficulty learning to not bark.

Unfortunately, unlike Isa here telling me a story about what she had been hunting, most barking is a sign of distress. The dog is barking because they are afraid, insecure, nervous, lonely, frantic…. not happy barking at all. We had a neighbour for a while who would periodically leave their dog outside while they were at work. The poor thing sang all day, howl after howl. I eventually had to call bylaw about it, as I could not get them to understand how upsetting it was for their pet to be locked outside when no-one was home.

The major cause of excessive barking that I see is a lack of leadership and rules in a dog’s life. They are insecure and nervous about the environment because they are being left to ‘look after’ the world, and they cannot do it. Dogs that bark at every little noise in the night (or day!). Dogs that panic every time someone walks by the house. I have had dogs that stayed with us that leaped up out of a sound sleep barking, while 6 other dogs lay around completely relaxed. Nervous or what? Most of these dogs also lack obedience training, and many have issues about being left alone.

People who approach me about training their dog not to bark are often puzzled and frustrated by my response. The first thing, I tell them, is to do a round of obedience training. NO, they say, we want the dog to not bark! Unfortunately it is not like that. If you have no control over the dog, cannot call it in from the yard, are unable to get it to lay quietly by your feet… you probably can’t get the dog to shut up. You also probably have very little relevance in your dog’s life. The best route to peace in the yard is by changing the way your dog views his role in the yard- is he barking at the intruder? Or is he barking at YOU, to tell you about the intruder… It’s a big difference.


So it’s sort of funny. For quite a while I have been planning on getting going with this blog, and i had a couple of ideas about what I would write about. Now I have started and made a commitment to myself that I would write SOMETHING every day, I have so many ideas that today I can’t decide what to do! Admittedly some of them are pretty whiny, and I think they can safely be ignored… like the one about why after 3 nights here the boarding dog decided she couldn’t sleep in the living room… best to leave it alone.

I am putting together a program for the continuing education classes here on Bowen. It’s something I have thought about off and on for several years, but never made the move to do it- generally I remember when the class book comes in the mail, just a bit late to be effective! This year I have started to submit a proposal, having emailed about it on the weekend and found out that this is the week you must get your proposal in……

My plan is 3 pairs of classes, one theory and one practical, and 2 stand alone lectures. The theory part of the paired classes can also be taken as stand alone. I will cover the Basics of Clicker Training, paired with a practical teach your dog with a clicker class, Why Your Dog Pulls paired with a Loose Leash Walking class,and a Recall and Off Leash theory class paired with a Really Reliable Recall class. The stand alone classes will be Dog Language, myths and reality, and Aggression, Fear and Anxiety- causes, management and solutions.

I am really hoping that other people will find this stuff as interesting as I do, and are willing to come to classes to learn more about their dogs.